ZUEL Launches its 2016 Report of Employment Quality

2017-01-04Translators:Zhang ZhenEditor:Zhu Yong

News Network (Reporter Liang Fei) Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, in order to implement the requirements of the Ministry of Education made in The Notice of 2016 College Graduates Employment and Business Starting by the Ministry of Education (12th (2015) document) and scientifically and objectively show the employment situation of the graduates, has finished the ZUEL 2016 Report of Employment Quality, which was launched on December 31th, 2016 after being passed at the 43th meeting of university council in 2016.. The report consists of five parts, including basic situation of graduate employment, characteristics of employment of ZUEL, relevant analysis of employment, trend analysis of employment and feedback of employment for education and teaching, fully summarizing and demonstrating the employment situation and characteristics of 2016 graduates of our university..

The number of graduates in 2016 is 7677, including 136 Ph.D. graduates, 2265 postgraduates and 5276 undergraduates. At issue time, the overall employment rate of 2016 graduates is 95.23%.

ZUEL is an institution of higher education directly administrated by the Ministry of Education with economics, law and administration as the main disciplines, coordinating with disciplines of philosophy, literature, history, science, engineering and art. We have been taken the employment as our priority for the existence and development of our university, and seriously implemented the various guiding policies about graduate employment issued by the Central Party Committee and the State Council. We put efforts to build a employment-oriented linkage mechanism of enrollment, cultivation and employment to improve the quality of the graduates, make the graduates more competitive and help the graduates get high-quality jobs.. The graduates mainly find employment in the south-central China. The industries they mainly undertake are financial industries and government bodies and institutions with a trend of diversification. In addition, the emerging service industry such as finance, law, information and management consulting are becoming more and more popular among the graduates.

For many years, our university has always conducted a strict and normalized operation on the statistics and administration of graduates’ employment in order to subjectively reflect the real situation of employment, providing an objective reference for our decision making about enrollment and teaching reform. In 2011, our university was awarded as the “Model Institution of National Graduate Employment” by the Ministry of Education. In 2014, our university was awarded as the “Normalized Administration Institution of Employment Statistic” by the Employment Guidance and Service Center for College Graduates of Hubei Province. In the future, our university will take the opportunities to strive for building a high level university of humanities and social science with distinctive features and make our own attribution to the rejuvenation of the country through science and education and talents.