Hundreds of experts discuss construction of Intellectual Property Rights Think-Tank

2015-12-07Translators:Guo AnmingEditor:Zhu Yong

News Network (Reporters Ma Disi, HuangXing, LvPin, photoed by Xu Zhichi) On December 5th, IPR Nanhu Forum-Construction of Intellectual Property Rights Think-Tank was held in ZUEL. Hundreds of experts and scholars from judicial authority, relevant administrative departments of the State Intellectual Property Office, brother universities and intellectual property rights practice gather together to discuss the construction of Intellectual Property Rights Think-tank so as to provide suggestions on the development of IPR.


Wu Handong, Director of Academic Committee of ZUEL, Director of Intellectual Property Research Center held the opening ceremony. President Yang Canming expressed in his opening remarks that IPR Think-tank is a highlight in ZUEL.IPR Think-Tank holds the idea of “problem orientation, innovative theory, gather intelligence, serve country” It has achieved coordinated development in science research, talent cultivation, international communication, social service and information construction with the support of IPR experts home and abroad.  IPR research center gathers academic backbones to create high-quality academic research with the support of Humanities and Social Science Research Base of Ministry of Education. It has achieved the transformation of single operation to multiple operation, from single theory research to theory-based service which meets national needs, from single domestic research to coordinated research home and abroad. It has gradually become the highland of academic research, innovative scientific research, advisory service, and talent cultivation in field of IPR in China. I hope that the IPR Think-Tank can hold high the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristic, adhere to the “four-pronged strategy”. I hope it can make a due contribution to “Thirteenth Five-Year” plan by seizing opportunity, keeping pace with times, broadening its horizon, innovating coordinately, and contributing its strength.

Wang Jingchuan, former Head of State Intellectual Property Office, Honorary Dean of School of Intellectual Property of ZUEL, Dean of Academic Committee of Intellectual Property Research Center of ZUEL, gave two suggestions on the construction of high-quality new Think-Tank. First is to make clear its function. We should attach more importance to its five functions which are serving national major strategy and policy, pushing forward theory innovation, leading social media to clarify national guideline, decision deployment and leading policy, providing social service-accept social relevant consultations and provide advisory service, participating in public diplomacy. Second is to make clear its primary task. We should adhere to the theme of strengthening China through intellectual property; firmly grasp the fundamental direction of providing advisory service for the construction of intellectual property power and upholding sustainable development of economics and society. We should strengthen the track and pioneering research in pattern and tendency of international development as well as reform of international intellectual property regulations. We should actively develop international communication and cooperation, tell the true story of China to the whole world. We should establish a new international IPR idea of “fair, just, inclusive, common-prosperous and win-win so as to improve the international influence of China.

Cao Xinming, Deputy Director of Intellectual Property Research Center of ZUEL, and Chen Jinchuan, Deputy Dean of Intellectual Property Rights Court in Beijing, signed the strategic cooperation agreement.

Suchi, Dean of Intellectual Property Rights Court in Beijing, introduced the basic condition of the court and its goal to establish four world-class departments. He pointed out that the strategic cooperation agreement signed with Intellectual Property Research Center of ZUEL is a major step for the court to realize the construction of four world-class departments. He hopes that teachers and students can participate in the cooperation and advance together in the exploration of pioneering problems in judicial practice and talent cultivation. He hopes that we can achieve win-win cooperation in further communication.

Wu Handong remarked, in the past 30 years, the Intellectual Property Research Center of ZUEL was a viewer and motivator of IPR in China, also made its due contributions to IPR’s development. In next 20 to 30 years, IPR in China will transfer form an emerging undertaking to a bright one. It will provide important intelligence sustain and strategic guarantee to the operation of economic new normal innovative development. He hopes that all experts in the IPR research center of ZUEL can make more contributions to theoretical research, strategic research, social leading and advisory service of IPR in China.

After the opening ceremony, Cao Xinming reported the construction of the Base of Intellectual Property Research Center of ZUEL, and experts had a deep discussion around the topic of IPR Think-Tank.