Construction Countermeasures of Hubei to Accelerate the Integration of the "Silk Road Economic Zone" was awarded by Hubei Provincial Committee

2016-01-15Translators:Guo AnmingEditor:Zhu Yong

(Submitted by CASS and SRD) In June 2015, Hubei Provincial Committee declared the evaluation results of achievement award for decision supporting work since 2014. The research Seizing the New Opportunity of National Strategy and Constructing a New Pattern of Opening up--Construction Countermeasures of Hubei to Accelerate the Integration of the Silk Road Economic Zone leaded by Professor Zhu Xinrong, Director of “Industrial Upgrading and Regional Finance” Collaborative Innovation Center of Hubei Province, won the first prize in excellent achievements of decision supporting work of Hubei Provincial Committee.

In recent years, Hubei Provincial Committee carried out the strategic layout of “the four prolonged strategy” by central government and the spirit of strengthening the construction of new Think-Tank with Chinese characteristics. The committee encouraged decision supporting consultants and experts to play a key role in analyzing hot and difficult issues which are important to the overall development of Hubei Province. The committee also asked them to provide more efficient services for scientific and democratic decisions through their deep research. According to the requirements of Opinions on Strengthening the Construction of Think-Tank to Further Improve the Decision-making Services and Working Rules for The Second Decision Supporting Consultants of CPC Hubei Provincial Committee, Provincial Committee organized experts to strictly review the decision supporting works since 2014, among which 45 were considered as excellent works.

Construction Countermeasures of Hubei to Accelerate the Integration of The Silk Road Economic Zone leaded by professor Zhu Xinrong and completed by research team of co-innovation center is one of the major research topic of Hubei Provincial Committee in 2014.The research report is divided into an overall report and four single reports which include Overall Ideas and Strategic Initiatives of Hubei to Accelerate the Integration of the Silk Road Economic Belt (by Zhu Xinrong and Zhang Xuelan), Comparison of Politics, Economics and Resources between Countries and Regions along the Silk Road Economic Belt(by Li Zhinsheng), Construction Steps and Hubei Strategy in Domestic Regions along the Silk Road Economic Belt (by Zhangyu and Lv Yongbin), Analysis of Industrial Development and Market Demand of Regions along the Domestic Silk Road Economic Belt, Countermeasures of Industrial Development in Hubei  (Huang Xiaowu and Ji Zhibin), Take the Silk Road Economic Zone as a New Direction for RMB Internationalization(by Zhou Xianping).

The report points out that the construction of Silk Road Economic Zone is a major strategic deployment suggested by the CPC Central Committee with Xi Jinping as general secretary. It shows that the pattern of China's economic opening to the outside world is being transferred from “bring in” to “come out”. China’s economy can deeply join the world economy and achieve long-term and sustainable development through the combination of market, energy and resource, investment to outside world. The new strategy of reform and opening up will last a fairly long time in economic development, and it is bound to become a necessary choice for Hubei to actively deal with new normal and realize economic cross-development. Facing with this new historical opportunity, Hubei needs to undertake its historical mission as the joint part of Two-way open strategy and Yangtze River economic belt and the Silk Road Economic Zone, accelerates to follow the construction step of Silk Road Economic Zone. Hubei should not only strive for the support of central government but also enhance the inner motivation of its economic development. Hubei’s economic opening pattern can transfer to “bring in” and “come out” and realize cross-development through the strategy of “trade leading, industry motivating and enterprise following-up”. Hubei can gradually realize its blueprint of “Five Hubei” with all these efforts.

Construction Countermeasures of Hubei to Accelerate the Integration of the Silk Road Economic Zone is an important achievement of systematic and comprehensive research of local integration to “one belt and one road” which takes the strategy of “one belt and one road” as background and reaches the class-A level in China. The output is an important reflection of “intelligence library, thinking library, information library, data library and talent library” related to critical problems of “industrial upgrading and regional finance” created by “industrial upgrading and regional finance” collaborative innovation center of Hubei Province.