We Welcome About 7900 New Students

2016-09-01Translators:Zhang ZhenEditor:Zhu Yong

News Network (Reporters Ma Sidi and Xu Jianfei) On 30th August, 2016, about 7900 new students came to our campus. Students from all over the country handled their administration procedures in Nanhu and Shouyi campus respectively. Chair of the University Council Zhang Zhonghua, President Yang Canming, vice-Chair of the University Council Qi Wenyuan, vice-Chair of the University Council Wang Wengui, vice-President Yao Li, vice-President Chen Ming, vice-President Liu Renshan, Assistant to the President Zou Bingguo, all came to the spot to inspect the welcoming work, visited freshmen and their parents, condoled the teachers and students who participated in the work.




Chair of the University Council Zhang Zhonghua, President Yang Canming and other school leaders inspected the welcoming work in NanHu campus.



President Yang Canming and other leaders inspected welcoming work in Shouyi campus

According to the statistics, there are about 5100 undergraduate students in class 2016, besides WenLan School of Business and DSU, other 13 schools with 4796 graduate students registered in ShouYi campus during two days. At the same time, about 2500 graduate students and 200 doctoral students registered there. In class 2016, the youngest pupil student was born in 2001, the oldest in 1992.

According to the unified arrangement, each schools and functional departments respectively set up welcoming points in the sports center of Nanhu campus and library of Shouyi campus to welcome freshmen and their parents. Our University has established “green channel” to solve problems for students with financial difficulties, and prepared 500 100-yuan “love shopping cards” for them to purchase articles for daily use.