Consultative Report on the Urban and Rural Community Social Management Collaborative Innovation Center Gets Approval by the Central Leaders

2016-03-11Translators:Zhou MengxiaEditor:Zhu Yong

(Submitted by CASS and MIUR) Recently, two consultative reports submitted by the Urban and Rural Community Social Management Collaborative Innovation Center of our university were read by many central leaders, such as members of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and state councilors. One was approved by Premier Li Keqiang, and Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli and Liu Yandong.

Proposal on Detailing Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation into Action Plans, written by Professor Zhao Man got approval by Premier Li Keqiang and Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli and Liu Yandong.

“Action Plans” said in this proposal are listed as seven aspects, namely, establishing policy support system to break the spell of “formulation difficulty and support challenge”; setting up new type of industry cultivation system, aiming at deploying industry chain on the basis of innovation chain; building up diversified financing system to leverage social capital via financial funds; establishing mass entrepreneurship platform system, achieving docking between innovative gene and industrial projects; setting up a system for attracting talents to realize the market-oriented New Talent Policy; establishing “mass entrepreneurship and innovation” cultural system, featuring the wisdom of “daring to be the first while knowing when to stop”; and strengthening government governance system to enhance service and spread the spirit of ruling by law.

The Reconstruction of Rural Families Reunion is of Increasing Urgency, mainly written by Professor Lv Guoying, and investigated by Zhao Man, Lv Guoying, Xue Xindong, Jiang Tianwen, Cheng Xiangyu, Qian Wenqiang and Wang Xiaoxu, was adopted by the General Office, CCCPC on 21st, February, 2015. It was read by many central leaders, such as Politburo Standing Committee, committee member and State Councilor as the Daily Report (issue 13626).

Considering the grievous “Three Left-behind (children, women and elderly)”, rural family situation as well as the ineffective implementation of existing policies, this report, on the basis of the investigation in more than 10 counties in Hubei province and Henan province, expounds on that acting parents are not birth parents; that old-age care institutions are not as the same as their children; and that security facilities cannot substitute for mass prevention and mass participation. Hence, the subject of the proposals said in this report is mainly read as “separation balance”. In particular, the proposals of solving the “tri-agricultural” problem (agriculture, rural areas and farmers) by using “tri-local” methods draw more attention, which is encouraging the migrant local entrepreneurs, local workforce and to go back home and start businesses with local capital, thus reinvigorating the rural economy, realizing nearest employment and reconstructing the rural families reunion.