State Councilor Guo Shengkun makes a comment on the counter-terrorism research made by Guo Yongliang

2016-02-25Translators:Zhang ZhenEditor:Zhu Yong

News Network (Reporter Zhang Zhefei) recently, the dissertation on The Transition of Counter-Terrorism Model in China from Elite Model to Participation Model (published on the second issue of 2016 of The Jurist) written by Guo Yongliang, a doctoral candidate in 2013 of School of Law at our university has received a comment by Guo Shengkun, a State Councilor, head of National Counter-Terrorism Work Leading Group, Minister of the Ministry of Public Security after this article is selected for internal reference. The Ministry of Public Security holds seminar for this topic on “How to Construct the National Counter-Terrorism Layout”, chaired by Liu Yuejin, a member of Party Committee of Ministry of Public Security, Commissioner of Counter-Terrorism. Doctoral Candidate Guo Yongliang is invited to give a speech.

This dissertation concludes that the “Elite Model” adopted by China in the process of counter-terrorism is also universally adopted by other countries, which has an internal defect and is also challenged by external environment. The social power need to be embedded structurally into the counter-terrorism work, forming a new “Participation Model”. The core of participative model is the public participation rights of counter-terrorism. At this current stage, the public shall be encouraged to actively use their public participation rights which are a feasible way to promote the transition of counter terrorism model in China.

It is reported that it is the periodical results achieved in the project f The Research on The Legislation of Counter-Terrorism in China (CLS2015C29) sponsored by China Law Society and  

chaired by Professor Qi Jiangang of School of Law of ZUEL.