The paper is close to common people—“Yichang Pilot Zone”, a kind of ecological management for safeguarding Yangtze River

2016-06-20Translators:Wang LifangEditor:Zhu Yong

  (Academy of Social Sciences  Qin Jinjin) Based on the spirit of speech by General Secretary Xi Jinping at the forum on philosophy and social science, the philosophy and social science workers should be committed to promoting the great spirit of linking theory with practice. Because academics and theory can be accepted widely when they are practical enough to be close to people’s life. Led by Yichang municipal party committee and city government, “Yichang Pilot Zone” which is administered by Urban and Rural Community Social Management Hubei Provincial Collaborative Innovation Center of ZEUL has been officially launched recently. Having drawn wide attention from the media, it appeared on the special issues of Hubei Daily and was reprinted by People’s Daily Online, Xinhua, Sohu and other media.

As the integration of “regional cooperation, comprehensive ecological protection, development of ecological industry and ecological citizenship construction”, Yichang Pilot Zone proceeds in the way of “municipal level as the leading role, specialists in charge and counties and towns as the main part”, aiming at defusing the ecological problems including “fragmentation, conflict of targets, lack of mechanism”, creating “Yichang Sample” of national ecological construction and green development as well as searching for the feasible mechanism of “Yichang Pilot Zone of Three Gorges Ecological Management”.

As one of the first 18 collaborative innovation centers in Hubei province, Urban and Rural Community Social Management Hubei Provincial Collaborative Innovation Center has always been committed to collaborative innovation in the five aspects including “government, companies, universities, scientific institutions and users”. It participated in “Yichang Pilot Zone” as the high-end think tank at the invitation of Yichang Municipal Committee and City Government to offer intellectual supports and technical service to “Yichang Pilot Zone”. The expert team headed by Professor Zhao Man, director of the center, mapped out “Yichang Pilot Zone” Work Program of Ecological Management in Ecological and Economic Cooperation Zone of Three Gorges after two months of field investigation and planning, providing strong supports for starting of “Yichang Pilot Zone”.


Professor Jiang Tianwen, deputy director of Urban and Rural Community Social Management Hubei Provincial Collaborative Innovation Center and technical director of “Yichang Pilot Zone”, introduced that the Pilot Zone with “Six Plus N” as its pivot, Xiangxi and Qingjiang River, the two ecological corridors as the line, respectively contained regional cooperation, ecological gardening, resource industries, “Place of Origin Plus” and other themes and is gradually promoted on the basis of conclusion, aiming to be representative, feasible and replicable.

The previous specialist teams conducted scientific researches in their labs after collecting related data and information. In the contrast, this pilot zone, a full new exploration in the mode of cooperation between the government and think tank, needs a specialist team to follow up the process, come to the spot, duly identify the problems, correct and guide the whole process. This cooperation mode can give full play to intellectual advantages of the think tank, aggregate the innovative factors and supply reference for think tank’s serving the local economic and social development.