The 6th "Wutongshu " Scholarship Award Ceremony was held

2016-11-19Translators:Jing ChengyiEditor:Zhu Yong

News Network Reporter Zhou SuzhanOn the morning of Nov. 19, there were 120 freshmen receiving the 2016 Wutongshu Scholarship and Wutongshu Encouragement Scholarship, which were their first scholarships in the university. Meanwhile, they felt the earnest expectations from the community leaders, the school leaders and their warm-hearted alumnus.

The 2016 Wutongshu Scholarship Award Ceremony was held in our university in the morning. Yu Youwang, the winner of the first Top Ten Charity Stars in Hubei Province, Deputy Party Secretary of Xinba Construction Group Co.,Ltd, Wang Wenguvice-Chair of the University Council of ZUEL, Wan Anpei, the member of the CPPCC National Committee, deputy director of the Central Committee of the people, the chairman of JiuTouNiao culture industry limited company, Zhou Jiangshan, the general manager and legal representative of BaoLi (Wuhan)science and Technology Co.,Ltd. ,the general manager of Bethune Technology (Hong Kong) International Co., Ltd. in Wuhan Office, Mou Fabing, the representative of Wutongshu Foundation Committee, Lei Zhaorong and Xu Jiang, the managers of Department of Student Affairs of ZUEL attended the ceremony to testimony the awards ceremony for the outstanding freshman. The meeting was chaired by Xing Bing of Wutongshu Association.

Lei Zhaorong read the recognition. The honored guests awarded the honorary certificates of the sixth Wutongshu Scholarship for 20 students and 100 students who received the Wutongshu Encouragement Scholarship.

On behalf of all the award-winning freshmen, Zhang Xinwen, from Class 1601, business English major at School of Foreign Languages, gave a speech to express deep gratitude to Wutongshu Foundation and the school leaders and people who care about them. She said,with the help of Wutongshu Foundation today, we are lucky to have the recognition we have been endeavored to get, and it means that our university acknowledges the our efforts of the past eighteen years. The futures are in our own hands. We should not indulge in the glory of the past rather determine to be outstanding talents like the older students. Under the tree they have planted for us, they hope us to be wise, pious and grateful holding our initial determination, living up to expectations and marching forward courageously.

Liu Ping, a student from class 1501 majoring in civil and commercial law at law school, shared her feelings about the university life over the past year with the guests, teachers and students as a representative of previous winner. She remarked, “University is a broad stage, so everybody will find their own niches there; those university days are the golden time of learning, thus if one could be down-to-earth, he will be sure to learn something or be someone one day.” She also mentioned, “The teacher has put forward the target--“a law man with integrity” from ZUEL, and hoped us to use the knowledge to serve for the society. All honors will ultimately disappear, but only your dreams will be eternal.” She would unceasingly transcend in the process of achieving her dream to make herself better. She said,Perhaps, I am not born with the golden key in my mouth, but I will strive for the bright and shining door with the spirit of the Wutongshu—Having Love in Hearts, Having the People in Hearts to cherish and gratitude everything I have.

Deng Caixia, the president of Wutongshu Association, briefly introduced Wutongshu Association Scholarship and Encouragement Scholarship. With the desire to do something practical for their alma mater (ZUEL) Wutongshu Foundation was jointly established in 2011 by Li Li, Mu Fubing, Chen Guifang, Qu Dingkun and several other alumni. It did not only carry the missing to ZUEL, but also it meant that planting the trees to attract more talents--helping ZUEL absorb more outstanding students through giving the scholarship to the students who did very well in college entrance examination. The Foundation had set up the Wutongshu Scholarship since 2011 when there were only 20 students who could get the award each year with a reward of 5,000RMB for the following ten years. In 2013, when reviewed the application materials, members of the Board of Directors said they were deeply moved by them. Wan Anpei, bank president of PingAn Bank Wuhan Branch, donated 60,000RMB to join in the foundation, adding PingAn Bank Special Award Fund which helped 30 poor and excellent freshmen. In 2014, alumni Chen Guifang donated 60,000RMB to set up Wutongshu Encouragement Scholarship...Thank to the love dedication of alumni, the number of award-winning freshmen was more and more. The winner of the first Top Ten Charity Stars in HubeiProvince, Deputy Party Secretary of Xinba Construction Group Co.,Ltd, Mr. Yu Youwang donated 1.5 million RMB in 2015.Now,on the basis of the Wutongshu Scholarship, 100 enrollments of Wutongshu Encouragement Scholarships each year is officially set up, rewarding 3,000 yuan each. The award focused on rewarding freshmen who were hard work, and got unremitting progress, outstanding achievements and good moral character.

Being established on the platform of the Wutongshu Foundation and Alumni Association of ZUEL, The Wutongshu Association, a student organization, is made up of the owners of the Wutongshu Scholarship and the Wutongshu Encouragement Scholarship under the leadership of the Zhongnan University of Economics and Law Alumni Association. It pursues the purpose to Encourage students to learn and create, and continuously improves the ability of self-development, self-management and self-improvement of newly numbers in order to help more hard-working students.

On behalf of the Wutongshu Foundation, Mou Fabing, an alumnus, expressed his heartfelt congratulations in the speech to the 2016 award-winning freshmen. In his speech, he conveyed his heartfelt gratitude to the alumni who had sponsored Wutongshu Foundation for its continuous development. With the participation of more and more prominent person and caring people, Wutongshu Scholarship got stronger and stronger. He was pleased to see that it was the establishment of the Wutongshu Association that this big family was growing, and ZUEL and the alumni, the alumni and the students got closer to each other. We planned to establish information base by collecting each little Wutongshu information in order to track their development. In the end of his speech, he encouraged students not to slack off, and under the help of the scholarship they should strengthen the efforts to study, have sufficient capacity to return to their alma mater (ZUEL), pass love, and benefit society.

Mr. Yu Youwang talked about his own persistent charity experience in modest words. He explained that Beginner's mind, the initial mind of people, meant the spirit of natural goodness, sincerity, innocence, enterprise, tolerance, fraternity. The desperateness of his mother’s eyes appeared for being unable to pay five cents for study material expenses. He vowed he would never only live for himself, but for his family, and determined to help poor students to continue their studies as long as he could in the future. Mr. Yu didn’t forget his wish, and now, he had helped students more than 20 years and donated tens of millions yuan, thus more than ten thousand poor students can go to the university. In the end, he encouraged students here to be grateful to treat poverty, difficulties and setbacks as their fortunes and convinced that storms always give way to the sun.

Mr. Zhou Jiangshan introduced in his speech his company's donation and shared that the enterprises should not only serve the society, but also help those who are in need. He expressed his determination to participate in more charities in the future. He donated 100 thousand yuan to the Wutongshu Fund this year and will increase the donation year by year. He hoped students here to study hard and acquire perfect skills to help more people in need.

Wan Anpei, an alumnus, expressed lots of thanks to the ZUEL in his speech, for he had this opportunity to return for the reunion. He encouraged students to study hard, to accomplish their studies and to strive for excellence so that they could be talents to reward the ZUEL and their families in the future.

“Holding deep love for a university and cultivating Wutongshu to attract the talents”. On behalf of the ZUEL, deputy secretary Wang Wengui delivered congratulations to the award-winning students and expressed his heartfelt thanks to the community caring people and the alumni who set up the scholarship.

Wang remarked that the seedling had grown to a big one after six-year trials and tribulations. Under the shelter of Wutongshu, 380 students had thrived. Wutongshu Association, as a scholarship brand, aims to thanksgiving to Alma Mater, returning to the alma mater; motivating to improve, encouraging to develop, it gave students not only material reward, but also the spirits to be enterprising, virtuous, grateful and votive. Wang donated students three beginner’s minds. First is cultivating your noble virtue to adhere to beginner’s mind. You should maintain persistent with clear goals. Second, holding your sincere hearts to stick to beginner’s mind; It was necessary to be pragmatic, while looking to the sky; it was necessary to be diligent, while pursuing your dreams. Self-consciously taking the responsibility of the country and the people, your youth would glow with brilliant splendor while dedicating to the country and to the people. Third is retaining your heart of thanksgiving to adhere to beginner’s mind. He hoped we could inherit the virtues of the spirit of Wutongshu, and we could closely combine achieving personal values with dedicating to society to constantly pass the love and grace in the future.

Finallyschool leaders, guests and award-winning students had a group photo. Then, the former and current Wutongshu scholarship recipients had gathered together communicating with each other.