Our university undertakes two major projects of 2016 National Social Science Fund

2016-11-18Translators:Jing ChengyiEditor:Zhu Yong

News Network (Reporter Lai Siyuan) National Planning Office of Philosophy and Social Sciences recently announces 2016 National Social Science Fund major projects list, two professors in our university are on the list. They are Professor Tang Wenjin who serves as the chief expert to host to declare the project A Study on the Structural Adjustment Function and Effectiveness of Monetary Policy under the new normal of economic development (Grant No. 16ZDA034); Professor Chen Baifeng who is the chief expert to preside over the declaration of the project  Research on the Legal Guarantee of New Urbanization (Grant No. 16ZDA062). This year, our university has declared 11 major projects of the National Social Science Fund and two of them have been approved. According to the statistics, 2016 annual project number of our university ties for NO.1 among the universities of politics and law in China, for NO.2 among the economic universities in China and for NO.3 among the universities of Hubei province.