Zhongnan University of Economics and Law Holds the Cross-Strait Academic Conference Memorizing the 150th Anniversary of Sun Yat-sen’s Birth

2016-10-20Translators:Zhou MengxiaEditor:Zhu Yong

News Network (Reporters Sun Jiayue, Huang Mei and Wei Haitao) On the morning of October 18th, the Opening Ceremony of Activity of Academic Exchange and Investigation of Sun Yat-sen and Wuhan City and the Academic Conference Memorizing the 150th Anniversary of Sun Yat-sen’s Birth were grandly held in the Meeting Room at the 7th floor of Zhong Yuan Building, Zhongnan University of Economics and Law. This Academic Conference was organized by Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, co-organized by Wuhan Municipal Cross-Strait Relations Research Institute and China Three Gorges University (CTGU), and undertaken by the School of Marxism of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law and Taiwan Research Institution. Nearly 100 experts and scholars from both sides of the Straits attended this Conference upon invitation.

Wang Wengui, the Vice Chair of the university Council presided over the opening ceremony of this conference. Zhang Zhonghua, the Chair of the university Council, considering the situation of our university, introduced in his speech that Sun Yat-sen’s idea of rule-of-law has provided some inspiration and reference for China’s rule-of-law development. Zhang, from the standpoint that “the Academic Conference enhances the sincere affection among people from both sides of Taiwan Straits”, told the relation between Sun Yat-sen and the Revolution of 1911, Sun Yat-sen and the modernization of Wuhan city as well as Sun Yat-sen and the Cross-Strait, highlighting the keynote of the conference. In the meantime, Zhang also extended cordial welcome to scholars from both sides of the Strait on behalf of our university.

Huang Shuge, deputy head of Taiwan Affairs Office of Wuhan Municipal People’s Government introduced the great contribution of Sun Yat-sen to Wuhan city, the profound relations between Wuhan and Sun Yat-sen as well as the relations between the Revolution of 1911 and Taiwan in his speech, expressing a deep emotion —— “Wuhan and Taiwan, with connection interwoven together, we are as close as a family”. He also detailed the close connection and exchange between Wuhan and Taiwan, pointing out that we must cling together to continue the sincere affection brought by Sun Yat-sen and move closer to the Chinese Dream in times of complicated situation and severe challenges.

Mr Wang Dahua, the Professor of Taiwan University, the director of the Cross-Strait Cultural Exchange Association and the head of Hubei Literature Society said in his speech that Sun Yat-sen, as the forerunner of China’s revolution, is highly respected by people on both sides of the Strait and that his ideas will be passed on through generations and play a vital role in helping us realize the Chinese Dream. Besides, Wang also talked the original intention of a Hubei native’s establishing Hubei Literature in Taiwan in 1966 to memorize the 100th anniversary of Sun Yat-sen’s birth, expressing his delight in this special year of the 150th anniversary of Sun Yat-sen’s birth as well as the publishing of the special issue titled Hubei Literature· The distance of 8000 miles carries 50 years of deep affection towards homeland.

After the opening ceremony, Professor Gong Xianqing, the dean of the School of Marxism presided over the Academic Conference in the morning. Researcher Zheng Dahua, the director of ModernChineseThoughtResearchCenter, the Professor of graduate school and the PhD supervisor of ChineseAcademy of Social Sciences gave an academic speech titled “Sun Yat-sen’s National Revival Ideology and His Historical Role”. Likewise, other five professors also gave academic speeches. Dr. Li Kongzhi, the Assistance Professor of the Institute of National Development and the Mainland of China of Chinese Culture University (Taiwan), the Secretary general of the Cross-Strait Relations Development Association and the Political Commentator of the SETV (Southeast TV) and Fujian TV Channel gave a speech titled “Comments on the History and Status of Taiwan Sun Study”; Chen Wenxin, the Yangtze River Scholar Professor of the Ministry of Education, the PhD supervisor and the deputy director of Chinese Traditional Culture Research Center of Wuhan University “Both Sides of the Taiwan Straits Have the Common National Memory of Sun Yat-sen”; Zhao Libin, the PhD supervisor and the deputy director of Zhongshan University Sun Yat-sen Institute “The Application of Sun Yat-sen’s Ideas and the National Consciousness in the Early Days of Taiwan Restoration”; He Zhuoen, the PhD supervisor and the researcher of CCNU Modern Chinese History Research Institute “Sun Yat-sen’s Asia Consciousness and Political Legacy” and Zhu Shugang, the standing Committee member of Hubei province, the vice head of Wuhan Municipal Cross-Strait Relations Research Institute and the head of Taiwan Research Institute of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law “Historical Affinity between Sun Yat-sen and Wuhan”. In the end, Zeng Chenggui, the standing Committee member of Hubei province, the deputy director of Hubei Provincial Political Consultative Committee on Literature and History Study and the researcher of Hubei Provincial Academy of Social Sciences made less-biased comments on all the academic lectures given in the morning.

In the afternoon, we continued three forums among scholars in the same place. Professor Gu Min, Liu Xingren and Wu Chuanguo from Taiwan and Professor Mao Lei, Wang Zhi and Zhao Yancai from the mainland China made excellent lectures on the basis of their own researches respectively. In particular, we also held Youth Forum, on which many young scholars from both sides of the Strait, like Huang Meixuan, Zhao Renmin, Hanhan and Dong Wenjun expressed their opinions actively and raised their insightful academic views.

It is said that this academic conference marks the start of the Activity of the Investigation and Exchange of Sun Yat-sen and WuhanCity. After that, the scholars and guests from both sides of the Strait will explore Sun Yat-sen’s historical trace in Wuhan, investigate the historical sites of the uprising of the Revolution of 1911 and visit the ChinaThreeGorgesUniversity. The activity shall last one week.