Speech Addressed by President Yang Canming on ACCA Global Conference, China

2016-10-18Translators:Zhang ZhenEditor:Zhu Yong

News Network (Reporter Wang Hua) On October 13th-14th, 2016, The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) held a conference in Shanghai Tower, China, unveiling the significant innovation on ACCA qualification, which is setting the future of finance and accounting profession. Alan Hatfield, executive director of Strategy and development of ACCA, Li Zhiming, vice-president of ACCA both attend the conference, together with 300 people across the country including representatives from government, scholars, business leaders, elites from finance and accounting field. President Yang Canming, Zhang Dunli, Dean of School of Accounting and others are also invited to attend the conference. Over 7,000 people has witnessed the milestone time through the internet live.  

    Alan Hatfield, executive director of Strategy and development of ACCA, officially declares at the conference that we make a new design on ACCA qualification with an aim to foster the student’s strategic fore-consciousnessthinking ability and excellent skills so that they could become a modern professional accountant who can shape the business future. “Our qualification is qualified to meet the demand for accountant in 21stcentury and at the same time, keeps the strict standard in skill level, professional ethics and their expertise, which is the cornerstone for ACCA as the benchmark for finance and accounting profession around the world. Those standards are essential to ACCA, because they will make sure the strictness and relevance of ACCA qualification both in an emerging market or the mature market, which is the pivot for the ACCA qualification”, said Alan Hatfield.

     As a representative of strategic cooperative partners of ACCA in China, Dr. Qin Rongsheng, chair and president of Beijing National Accounting Institute, shared his view with the guests on the future of the finance and accounting profession. He pointed out that the demand for accounting is decreasing while the request for quality is rising. People engaging in finance and accounting work needs to make a transition for serving the development of company and providing support for the company’s decision. Based on the widely and deeply research conducted by ACCA, Li Zhiming, the deputy-director of ACCA, said, seven elements the accountant in the future must acquire are intelligence, creativity, emotional intelligence, vision, experience, professional skills and ethics as well as the ability of mastering digital technology. In addition, Gan Bingliang, vice CEO of HSBC China and Yu Hao, general manager in finance center of Shenzhen Agricultural Products CO., LTD, as two senior members and representatives of employer, they also thoroughly analyzed how ACCA cultivates epoch-making and strategic CFO as well as their methods to foster strategic professionals in finance and accounting in the New normal.

 As the key college partner of ACCA in China, President Yang Canming, the only representative of college made a special report on The Cultivation of International High-end Accounting Talent. President Yang Canming said: “ZUEL is one of the earliest colleges making cooperation with ACCA. We are very glad to form a cooperative win-win strategic partnership with ACCA, striking up a friendship which is as precious as gold. ACCA takes the job of all-dimensional cultivating and promoting the ability of decision analysis and management and control of finance and accounting professionals as their mission. They make timely adjustment and reform on the examination syllabus and qualification certification in order to response to the newest demand for finance and accounting profession in the global market, which fully demonstrates the leadership of ACCA as the leading association of accountants and the pioneering spirit of keeping it with time and innovation”.

 He continued, accounting is both an old and young science. Its emergence, development and improvement have been accompanied with the production practice of human beings. In the time of mobile internet, technology is changing quickly. The business mode is innovated day by day. If accounting profession neglects that like an ostrich burying its head in the sand and lags behind the time, it would be the worst time. But if accounting profession could response to the call of time, embrace the new technology, such as artificial intelligence,quantum cryptography and so on, enters into new economies and new formats, it would be the best time. In my opinion, the unveiling of the new qualification certification of ACCA in the world is the most sensible layout, the most correct strategy and the most definite signal given by the long-time association of accountants in face of the baptism of new economy, the great time. That is, we are coming!”

 “Time makes some request for the finance and accounting professionals in the future. They must be proficient in finance and accounting, familiar with their business, good at skills, have the courage to bear the responsibility, act ethically, create the value and guide the development of society. In fact, our university has always been thinking our position as a base for the cultivation of talents in the college and carrying out a discussions on how to cultivate compound talents with strategic thinking and international vision in the background of economic globalization, exploring the “Wenlan Talents Mode” which trains the talents with wide knowledge, solid foundation and high ability, paying attention to the inheritance and innovation of the accounting discipline education and forming a comprehensive and all-round cultivation mode for college students so that they could be more competitive in their job career.”

  Dean Zhang Dunli also expressed his thought in the communication. He said, the teaching ideas of running the ACCA program of our university is to cultivate the international senior accountants, which has achieved outstanding results. In 1994, our university began to cooperate with ACCA to enroll students, among which many of them have got a first grade in one subject in global and the mainland. In 2005, we opened a full-time ACCA accounting experiential class. In 2014, our university became the ACCA gold-level training agency. Till now, we have enrolled 856 ACCA undergraduates. 600 students have graduated. Among them, nearly 400 students passed all the subject examinations and 100 students also passed all examinations before graduation. During those examinations, 14 students got the first grade in one subject in mainland. Many of our teachers have been employed by ACCA as professional training teachers. The development of ACCA qualification certification will promote the close cooperation with our university in the ACCA program. I wish the two parties will work together to write a new chapter of innovation and development.

The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) is a widely recognized international professional accountant organization, providing qualification certification for those who want to undertake accounting, finance and management profession. At present, ACCA has 6,000 members and 62,100 students in mainland and 8 representative offices distributed in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shenyang, Qingdao and Wuhan.

ACCA provides support for 188,000 members and 480,000 students in 181 countries, providing well-developed professional service for its members and students in meeting the skill demand of employer. In addition, ACCA has 95 offices and centers and over 7,110 recognized employers around the world, it could also provide high-level service for employee’s study and development. ACCA is devoted to maintain public interests and advocate a moderate accounting regulation. At the same time, ACCA also dedicates itself to increase the reputation and influence of accounting profession by making a research on internationalization. 

 Since its foundation in 1904, ACCA has always been adhering to the unique core value of opportunity, diversity, innovation, honesty and responsibility. We believe that accountants are able to create value in every stage of the economic development. ACCA devotes ourselves to cultivate the professional ability of accountants. We give support to the adoption of a unified international accounting rules. Our values are in accordance with the employers in different industries. And we have a strong faith that the accountants we have cultivated are to bring values to the company. ACCA gives an access to everyone who are willing to enter into finance and accounting profession. We make innovation, amendment and promotion of our professional qualification in meeting the diversified demand of our students and employers.