The Ceremony of Signature and Employment for 2016 Yangtze Scholars and Wenlan Scholars and Induction for the New Staff in ZUEL

2016-09-10Translators:Wang LifangEditor:Zhu Yong

News Network (Reporters Lv Baohua, Luo Mei, Zheng You) Hosted by Vice President Zhou Jinwen, the ceremony of signature and employment for 2016 Yangtze scholars and Wenlan scholars and induction for the new staff in ZUEL were held in Wenquan Building at 9 o’clock on the morning of Sep. 9th, in which all the leadership of ZUEL, the previous Yangtze scholars, Chutian scholars, Wenlan scholars, the members of ZUEL Academic Committee, principals of related departments and disciplines’ administration and the CPC and all the new staff were present.

President of ZUEL Yang Canming signed contract of employment with Yangtze scholars and Head of the Department of Personnel Zhang Yongqing, with Wenlan scholars (List is attached). Later, Secretary of the Party Committee of ZUEL Zhang Zhonghua and President Yang Canming awarded the letters of appointment to Yangtze scholars and distinguished Wenlan professors. Leaders awarded the letters of appointment for Wenlan Young scholars. Professor Oomura Atsushi and Professor Wang Yuchen delivered speeches as the outstanding representatives of Yangtze scholar and Wenlan scholar respectively.


On behalf of ZUEL and all the teachers and students, President Yang Canming has expressed warm congratulations on the employment of Yangtze scholars and Wenlan scholars. He contended that much progress has been made in the work of ZUEL high-level talent cultivation in the academic year from 2015 to 2016, including two professors chosen to the leading talents of philosophy, sociology and science of the Ten thousand Planning and the breakthrough of local talent cultivation for Yangtze scholar. Since the implement of Wenlan talent project, there are 10 Wenlan distinguished professors, 55 Wenlan young scholars in ZUEL, which pool the talents for the science and research, discipline building and the application of the higher talent project. However, ZUEL has a long way to go in quantity and quality compared to catch up with sister universities. Therefore, all the Yangtze scholars, Chutian scholars and Wenlan scholars, setting as an example, are expected to devote themselves to science and research and lead the team so as to deliver more fruitful results and contributions. Meanwhile, our high-level talents are hoped to vigorously do better to make further progress and strive for the higher talent project and highland. All the functional departments and teaching units should take this opportunity to make effective measures, accelerate the training of great academic scholars and build the talent highland, which create conditions and platform for the development of talents and inspire the potential and momentum of high-level teaching staff.

The inauguration of new teaching staff followed the employment ceremony. The new teaching staff, under the leadership of associate president Zou Jinwen, were sworn-in and Hou Zhuo, a teacher of LawSchool, made a speech on behalf of new teachers.

Secretary Zhang Zhonghua delivered a speech to express sincere congratulations on the signature of Yangtze scholars and Wenlan scholars, warm welcome to the new blood to the personnel of ZUEL and the excellent grades obtained in Hubei Teaching Competition for Young Teachers by Dong Zhihua from School of Finance and Taxation, Xie Zhipeng from School of Business Administration, Fu Feng from Criminal Justice School and Yu Yan from School of Foreign Languages.

In the speech named Seeking Truth for People and Being Practical and Innovative, Zhan Zhonghua has introduced what kind of University ZUEL is from three perspectives including the belief in  CPC, openness and inclusiveness and being practical and innovative, what kind of teacher we need be from four angles: to be a teacher with the dream and belief. To be a teacher means to accompany with academic researches and shoulder the responsibility to impart and create knowledge. Being an educated person, a scholar and an intellectual should preserve the spirit of scholar and become a teacher with morals; we should emulate those better than ourselves and take them as models to improve moral culture and character quality and pass the right moral values to students; to be a teacher with profound knowledge. As a professional teacher, one must have systematic and solid knowledge, comprehensively understand and grasp the forefront of the discipline development. Also, one should have the right understanding of the society and be equipped with the wisdom of philosophy of life and dealing with affairs, which enable him to provide his help and right guidance; being a teacher with benevolence. We should love our country, our school, our career, the workmates, the students, the family and ourselves.

Employment List:

According to the Advice of the Publication of 2015 List of Yangtze Scholar Reward Plan of Ministry of the Education (No.3, 2016) and ZUEL the Advice of the Publication of 2015 List of Wenlan Scholar (No.88, 2016), Yangtze scholars and Wenlan scholars employed by ZUEL in 2016 are as follows.

ⅠVisiting Professor of Yangtze Scholar: Oomura Atsushi

ⅡYoung Scholar of Yangtze Scholar: Zhang Hong

ⅢWenlan Distinguished Professor: Wang Yuchen, Li Xiangyun, Ma Yide

ⅣWenlan Young Scholar: Kuang Yuanfeng, Qi Yu, Zhou Yanli, Gu Lulu, Jiang He

Wang Xingang,  Li Xiaoling , Li Sihai , Zhang Guangke , Ning Hanwen

Yang Qinglong , Zhang Xuan , Jiao Yuling , Deng Yashuang , Zhang Yin