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 Features of ZUEL

  • Features: Applicable, Integrated, and Open

    Along with the globalization of education and the intensity of competition among universities and colleges of our country, the features for talents cultivation have increasingly become the lifeline of the universities for survival and development. As the biggest national talents cultivation base of finance, economics and law, and during more than half a century of accumulation and development and reform, the University has gradually developed the school-running concept of First Class, Special features as well as the cultivation mode of Applicable, Integrated, and Open. Thus the competitive power has been formed.

    The predecessor of the University was Zhongyuan University founded in 1948 by the Central China Bureau of Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party with Deng Xiaoping as the first Secretary. The initial objective of the university was to cultivate specialized talents who were acquainted with economics and law and good at management for the new China to be founded. To meet the urgent needs of national construction, Zhongyuan University ran the school primarily in the form of training cadre students, who were immediately engaged in the economic and legal construction of our country after being trained at different periods. This peculiar historical background made our university differ at very beginning in the nature, objective and style of running school from other universities. The greatest difference lies in the concept of running a university with special features.

  • Guiding Principle: Achieve First-Rate Rank and Highlight Special Features

    During the adjustment of universities and colleges of our country in 1953, the teachers of finance, economics and law were summoned to teach at Zhongyuan University, which served as a starting point and provided our university with a comparatively strong faculty force for cultivation of talents with special features. During the upheavals of the society in the following fifty years, though the sites and names of the University were changed several times, colleges and departments underwent rearrangements, and teaching system and disciplinary structure were adjusted on a large scale, the concept of Achieving First-rate Rank and Running the School of Special Features has been passed on from the first president Fan Wenlan to the present leading group.

  • Objective:

    In the recent five to ten years, we aim to build our university into world famous and first-rate university of humanities and social sciences in China.

    The ideas of disciplinary construction are Highlighting Core Disciplines and Cultivating the Disciplines of Special Features. Superior resources will be concentrated on the core disciplines as economics, law, and administration with an extension of these three major disciplines to the field of secondary disciplines. Disciplines like literature, history and philosophy will be brought to intensive practice. It is necessary to cultivate the disciplines that are closely connected with demands of present society, especially some applicable disciplines relevant to economics, law and administration, which are suitable for the development of research of pure theory and can be taken as the support of disciplinary construction. As to the disciplines of science and engineering, they are to be based on the core disciplines. We are to fully cultivate frontier and interdisciplinary subjects and stick to the development of special features of disciplines.