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 Organizations of Administration and Service

Students Affairs Office:

Under the guidance of the Communist Party Committee and the Administration of ZUEL, the office is an functional department responsible for the affairs of full-time students, namely, ideological education, enrollment of full-time undergraduates, routines, administration of students records and files, military training, education of national defense and teaching of military theories, scholarships, loans, grants, part-time jobs, art guidance and psychiatric consultation.

The Students’ Affairs Office comprises administrative office, students’ administrative office (including students aid center), enrollment office, national security education office, students’ ideological education office, students art center, and psychiatric consultation center.

Dean’s Office:

As the chief administrative department of the teaching of full-time undergraduates, its chief functions are the of daily of daily teaching and operations of full-time undergraduates, disciplinary teaching materials building, as well as teaching research.

Postgraduate Department:

As the chief general administrative department of postgraduate cultivation and teaching, the department is responsible for studying and setting up mid- and long-term development plan for postgraduate education in accordance with state plan, demands of society and economy, and the practical situation of the University. It is also responsible for the building, application and adjustment of degree conferring postgraduate programs, and recruiting supervisors as well.

In addition, the department is responsible for drawing up enrollment plan of various kinds of postgraduates of the year, making out examinations, inspecting and assessing teaching quality as well and the quality of degree conferring, evaluating and conferring degrees to postgraduates of various levels. It is also responsible for the ideological education of the postgraduates, the construction and administration of ideological teaching staff, administration of postgraduates’ files, registration of new academic year, records and academic results. It is also the obligation of postgraduate department to supervise and urge the students to pay their tuitions on time, and to guide the postgraduates in their job hunting. The department is also obliged to draw up rules and regulations of the management of post-doctoral researchers and is responsible for the application, administration and adjustment of post-doctoral programs.

International Exchange Office

Its mission is to coordinate and instruct foreign exchange affairs and the affairs with Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan of the University, promote foreign academic exchange, introduce elites from abroad into our University, enroll students from abroad and regions, take care of the life and teaching of the overseas students, manage the affairs of the University with Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan, provide consultation to the important issues of foreign affairs.


The University library has a collection of more than 1.8 million volumes, among which 1.5 million are books in Chinese, 80 thousands are books in foreign languages, more than 4 thousand are journals in Chinese and foreign languages. In addition, there are 450,000 titles of e-books. The new library has 9 reading-rooms and 2 electronic reading rooms with a total of 2822 seats, which provides superior net environment to the readers for their study and research.

With the principle of Readers First and Superior Service, the library integrates and exploits traditional literature and data documents in a rational and scientific way, and provides services on campus net step by step. Knowledge resources system bearing remarkable features in economics and law, and covering all the disciplines of humanities and social science of the University has been set up, as well as a modern knowledge service system with such features as multi-levels, diversified, high-quality, efficiency, speedy and convenience