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 Programs of Study Available to International Students

Programs of Study Available to International Students

Non-degree Education

1. Short-term Program
Chinese Language and Culture Program: Elementary Chinese, Chinese History, Chinese Geography, Chinese Tourism, Chinese Celebrities, Chinese Calligraphy, Chinese Cuisine, Chinese Festivals and Customs, etc.
Business and Law in China Program :Traditional Chinese Culture, Legal Cultures and the Present Legal System of China, Labor Law of China and Human Resource Management, Contract Law of China, Investment and the Law in China, Features of the Chinese Market, Chinese Company and its Management, Accounting, Taxation, Banking, Investment, Insurance.
2. Chinese as a Foreign Language
Elementary class: basic Chinese language, basic spoken Chinese, basic listening   comprehension, Chinese characters, etc. ;
Intermediate class: intermediate Chinese Language, intermediate spoken Chinese, intermediate listening comprehension, intermediate looking-listening-and speaking, writing, reading, etc.;
Advanced class: advanced Chinese Language, advanced spoken Chinese, advanced listening comprehension, advanced looking-listening-and speaking, newspapers-and-periodicals reading, news listening comprehension, HSK examination guide, etc. At the same time, according to the need, other courses for the study of Chinese language can be taken as elective ones. 

Degree Education

1. Undergraduate programs

Economics International Trade and Economy Finance
Banking Investment Insurance
Trade economy National Economic Management Law
Criminal Justice Science of Criminal Investigation Public Security / Public Order Management
Administration of Border Defense/ Border Management Frontier Management E-commerce
Statistics Information & Computer Science Management
Project Management Information Management & System Marketing
Business Administration Financial Management Accountancy
Human Resource Management Tourism Management Administration
Logistics Management Public Affairs Management English
Labor & Social Security Journalism Japanese
International Politics Taxation Radio-and-Television Journalism
Agricultural & Forest Economy Management    

2. Master's programs

Political Economics History of Economic Thinking Economic History
Western Economics Earth Resource Administration World Economy
National Economics Regional Economics Industrial Economics
International Trade Labor Economics Mathematical Economics
Juristic Theory National Defense Economics Legal History
Criminal law Science of Criminal Investigation Public Security / Public Order Management
Procedural Law International Law Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
Military Law International Politics International Relationship
Juristic Master Marxism Philosophy Foreign Philosophy
Logic Ethics Enterprise Management
Tourism Administration Social Security Diplomatism
Finance Public Finance Computer Application Technology
Statistics Accounting Administrative Management
Politics Theory Demography Journalism
Special History Master of Accounting Sociology
Marxism theory Chinese Marxism Research Foreign Marxism Research
Economic Law Civil and Commercial Law Constitutional Law and Administrative Law
History of the Communist Party of China Technological Economy and Administration Chinese and Foreign Political system
Administration Science and Engineering Agricultural Economics Administration Educational Economics and Administration
Master of Public Administration Forestry Economics Administration Modern History of China 
Ideological-Political Education Environment and Resources Conservation Law Master of Business Administration
Social Medical and Sanitarian Service Administration Scientific Socialism and International Communism Movement Population, Resource and Environmental Economics

3. Doctoral programs

Political Economics History of Economic Thoughts Economic History
World Economy National Economics Regional Economics
Industrial Economics International Trade Economics of Labor
Finance Public Finance Statistics
Quantitative Economics National Defense Economics Legal History
Accountancy Enterprise Management Tourism Management
Marxism Philosophy Juristic Theory Criminal Law
Science of Criminal Investigation Procedural Law Economic Law
International Law Military Law Western Economics
Civil-commercial Law Environment and Resources Conservation Law
Social security Economics of Population, Resource & Environment
  Constitutional Law & Administrative Law
  Technological Economy & Management